July 6th, 2022

VBA 2010 – 037: Worksheet Change

How to make code that will respond to a worksheet change, also how to turn off worksheet events.

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Recommended Reading

Both the below books by John Walkenbach are fantastic books and he is a brilliant author, I would recommend picking one of these books up even if just for a reference. I have read power programming cover to cover and it is easy to follow and is a must have for any serious VBA programmer.

If you have read any books and feel they are worth recommending then please post about them on our Forum.

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  1. Tat Tin Yeung
    July 5, 2015

    Hi ,
    I have been watching your vba tutorial on youtube. They are very informative and helpful. and I want to say thank you. I have encountered a problem with this tutorial 37 as the text in each cell disappears instead of being modified according to the code. I am using excel 2013, would you this might be a problem. Thank you

    With kind regards,
    Tat Tin Yeung

    • Matthew
      July 13, 2015

      Do you want to paste your code for me?


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