August 9th, 2022

VBA 2010 – 036: Double Click

How to make VBA code run when a user double clicks on the spreadsheet.

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Recommended Reading

Both the below books by John Walkenbach are fantastic books and he is a brilliant author, I would recommend picking one of these books up even if just for a reference. I have read power programming cover to cover and it is easy to follow and is a must have for any serious VBA programmer.

If you have read any books and feel they are worth recommending then please post about them on our Forum.

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One Comment

  1. Deniz Sahin
    July 12, 2016

    In this tutorial video, I really didn’t understand the function of Cancel. When you set it to False, it does the same thing as well. And in my logic, since we want our code to work with a double click, we should have set Cancel to False cause we would want it to work with a double click. Can you please explain this deeper?


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