August 20th, 2022

Pros and Cons of WordPress

Those of you that have followed for a while will know that a few months back we dramatically overhauled our site to the current version you see today. Many changes where made but by far the biggest was the new website has been built using WordPress. Reportedly 17% of all web content is now created through WordPress and, after designing the same site both from scratch and using WordPress, I wanted to take the time to discuss reasons you should or shouldn’t follow suit and use WordPress for your own sites or blogs.

ProWordPress is incredibly quick and easy to set up, after developing several sites in WordPress you are quickly able to knock a simple website or blog together in 10-15 minutes. This is particularly useful when showing off to potential clients!

conDue to the open-source nature of WordPress many plugins and themes are made by non professionals. This means that many are buggy and have little-no support. To get around this I recommend, unless you have a really good understanding of both javascript and php, using a premium theme so that you have the support and reassurance needed to keep your website running slick and smooth.

ProNo programming experience is required. Meaning literally anyone can set up a WordPress site.

conSometimes people fall into the trap of just using standard themes and not customising them, making their sites look bland and unoriginal. Ensure you personalise your site as much as possible to make it stand out from the crowd.

ProYou can set up multiple users who can access the site and all individually post separate content without any knowledge of web design using the easy to use WordPress posting tools.

conYou are often restricted if you want to start adding serious functionality to your site. Luckily you can incorporate non Wordpress pages into your site as well if this causes major issues.

ProThe vast variety of plugins mean that you are very rarely left in position where you want to add a feature to your site that required more than a few clicks to implement.

ProGoogle publisher means it is super easy to add and manage Adsense on your site and Jetpack plugin gives you a fantastic amount of analytics for your site.


In conclusion I would recommend in most cases website owners would be best off developing their sites in WordPress. Unless the site requires specific functionality such as comparison engines or advanced interactive content in which case you are going to need to start delving into Javascript, html5, css and php.

Watch this space for incoming WordPress Tutorials!

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  1. October 4, 2014

    WordPress frightens me. I’m used to Google’s ‘Blogger’, and found the tools and layout to be highly intuitive.
    But Blogger has not had much love from Google in recent years, with development funds going into other products – The app hasn’t been updated in the longest time – and some of my posts lost their images over time.
    So I tried moving one of my blogs over to WordPress, but I found the dashboard incredibly restrictive. I couldn’t find a way to manage multiple blogs or to amend basic settings, and reverted back to Blogger shortly afterwards.

    I need to learn it though, it’s too popular a platform not to

    • Matthew
      October 9, 2014

      Ill be doing some vids on it soon so will let you know once they are up. I am used to just programming my sites in php so the switch to wordpress on this one was a big step for me too. Much easier when you can dip into the code and make amendments though :)

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