August 9th, 2022
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Office 2016 – First Impressions

Upgraded to Office 2016 today and just wanted to share my first impressions of the new features. Highlights are:

  • Uninstalled 2013 which I was very unhappy about since it stops me from debugging 2013 workbooks that you guys send me properly. Also is a pain for finishing off recording my 2013 series.
  • New pivot table features are AWESOME. Especially the search feature and most of all being able to do automatic time splits.
  • Handful of fancy new graphs which seem like they might have a use somewhere? at some point? Maybe?
  • New forecasting interface which looks like it will open up forecasting to a lot more people easily.
  • New web data queries that focus on taking specific tables of data out rather than the entire web page.
  • New shared document functionality, works very similarly to google docs which is nice however not sure if it is as easy to connect to people as google docs is yet.
  • New search bar to quickly find tools without widdling your way through the ribbon.
  • New right click smart lookup which works very similarly to right clicking a word in google chrome.

All in all a nice update, and free if you already pay the monthly subscription for 365. I don’t understand why Microsoft are still using the 2016 tag line to a version however. In this modern software age I would expect the potential to release multiple features throughout the year and therefore this concerns me as to how long we will have to wait for the next batch of new features.

Let me know your thoughts. Links for references in the video below.



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